Registering Your Account and Making a Blog Post

Register an account:

On the homepage at, there is a Team Portal where you can Login and Register for an account.


Make sure that the format of your username is team#


You will receive an email like the own pictured below that will contain your login information, and a link to login.



Making a Blog Post:

This is the dashboard. There will be an alert at the top of the page that will provide you with links to change your password, which may be helpful. The most important tab on the left menu is POSTS.


On the posts page, you can see all the posts that have been created on the website, but will only be able to manage and modify your own. Click the “Add New” button to create a new post.


When creating a post, be sure to provide a title, body, and to categorize it under “MedAppJam2015” and your appropriate team category “team#”.


And there you have it! When you click the “Submit for Review” button, your post will not be automatically published. There will be administrators who will review your post and publish it to the website, so please do not be alarmed if your post does not automatically appear. Don’t forget to make a blog post dailyIf you do not, your team will be penalized.